Iphone Android App Ideas: Getting Started

| Blog | March 19, 2011

Smartphone Application Ideas: Getting Started

Smartphone application developers are constantly on the move. And since overzealous developers stick to platforms that create the most buzz inthemarket,it’s

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Super Happy Easy Fetching in Core Data

| Blog | March 13, 2011

First up, I want to thank Matt Long and Marcus Zarra for allowing me to guest post on CIMGF. This post is the first in a short series of topics describing how to I’ve made using Core Data a littlesimplerwithoutgiving

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Develop iphone Apps on Windows

| Blog | March 7, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Develop an iphone/ipad app without a Mac

#1. Code in Java

For Java developers, there is a workaround: XMLVM.

XMLVM cross-compiles byte code instructions from Sun’s Java virtual machine and Microsoft‘s Common Language Runtime (CLR). The resulting byte code instructions are easier to cross-compile and the difficult parsing of a high-level programming language is left to a regular compiler and you get to write apps in different language and then compile and convert to a different one.

#2 Code in C/C++

DragonFireSDK uses Microsoft Visual C++ to develop, test iPhone apps.

Apps, Games created with DragonFireSDK can be completely written and debugged in Windows and are also fully compliant for distribution and sales at the Apple iPhone App Store.

There is a quick Starter Guide available that help you get started with writing your first iPhone app and run it inside the simulator that ships with it. The API is quiet simple to use. There are sample apps available that you can use to start learning right away.

#3 Airplay SDK – The airplay SDK allows you to create games, and sign your app on Windows PC’s. Many apps have been created this way.

This solution can compile code that is native to the iPhone on your windows PC. Airplay SDK is the only free solution for developing iPhone/iPad games using Windows.

#4. Hackintosh: This is one of the effective ways of developing an iphone app on Windows. Install Mac on a PC and then run the Native iPhone SDK. This is already a popular practice among OSx86 communities. The only limitation is that it could get tricky and time consuming for the newbies. You can refer to Hackintosh Guides:

  • How to Install Snow Leopard on PC Dual Boot
  • Install Mac OS X Leopard on PC using Rebel EFI
  • Install Snow Leopard on PC using USB Easily [Retail]
  • How to Install SnowOSX Universal
  • Install Snow Leopard on VMWARE Windows, Linux
  • Install Snow Leopard on VirtualBox

#5. Flash CS 5: This is the easiest way to make it to App store without having to hack your app in any sort of way.

Flash CS 5 introduces new Feature that let’s you develop iPhone native applications just like you develop Adobe AIR apps. Recently, Adobe announced support for Multitouch, Accelerometer, GPS support in Flash 10.1 for phones. CS5 adds new APIs that lets developers leverage these modern Phone features and hence develop application not just for iPhone but for all Phones that support Flash.

If you are familiar with a scripting language like Javascript, learning ActionScript is as easy.

The App Store has a number of Apps built based on Flash: you can checkout few full blown apps here.

#6 Unity 3D – Game development engine and editor that utilizes Boo and C# and the editor works on both Windows and Mac.

#7 Stonetrip S3D – Game develop engine and editor utilizing LUA, the editor runs within Windows.

These game engines allow you to develop your apps on Windows, but you’ll need a Mac to test/compile.

#8 Genuitec MobiOne– This is an interface designer that uses the Phonegap framework to deliver native functionality. It only runs on windows. HTML/Javascript base

#9  Install OSx86 (aka iATKOS / Kalyway) on a second partition/disk and dual boot you Windows workstation.

This will require modifying the image of Leopard that can be installed on a regular PC. This is not as hard as you would think, although your success/effort ratio will depend upon how closely the hardware in your PC matches that in Mac hardware. If you’re running an AMD machine or something without SSE3 it gets a little more involved.

#10. Run Mac OS X Server under VMWare.  Leopard server however CAN be run under emulation and can be used for desktop purposes. Leopard server and VMWare are expensive however.


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Body Compass Review

| Blog | March 2, 2011

Body Compass is a compass based app that alerts users every time they are pointing North. This way a user never has to look at their compass to know where they are going. It’s an innovative approachtousinga

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Subduing CATiledLayer

| Blog | March 1, 2011

Many technologies we use as Cocoa/Cocoa Touch developers stand untouched by the faint of heart because often we simply don’t understand them and employing them can seem a daunting task. One of thosetechnologiesisfound

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