Partner With Us

Sellmyapplication is a small, but growing start up.  We are constantly evaluating business partnerships and development opportunities.  If you have an idea or partnering opportunities we are willing to listen and explore all new opportunities.

We value the following with every partner we decide to work with:

  • Balancing skill sets. We look for partners who excels in the areas where we are weaker.
  • Expand our network. We are always looking to expand our network and contacts within and outside of the mobile app industry.
  • Better ideas. Having someone to bounce ideas off, who has a different outlook to you, will push the creative thinking of the business further.
  • Sector knowledge. If you’re moving into an industry you don’t necessarily have much or any experience in, joining forces with someone who does can save a lot of hassle and hard work.
  • Expertise. Similarly, bringing in someone who has more experience in business than you can help you avoid the pitfalls many startups fall into.

If you have an idea or just want to connect with us feel free to drop us a line by contacting us.


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