Rules Rules and Etiquette

1)   Do NOT spam!  We take incidence of spamming seriously and this behavior will get you banned pretty quickly.  We ask that the community help us police this policy by identifying spammers and reporting them so we can investigate.  We have many options to help folks interested in placing advertisements including posting in our “Shameless Advertising” category or posting a guest blog.

Examples of spamming include:

  • Replying to someones ad and directing them to a product or service instead of actually being genuinely interested in buying the app
  • Posting an ad that directly points users to a site that has nothing to do with your app that you’re selling.

2) After you agree to a price and negotiate all terms you have 24 hours to transfer funds and product to the new owners unless you agree to a different arrangement.

3)  If you post an Auction type listing you are not allowed to post your ad on other sites until your auction has expired and no buyers were found.  With classified listings you can cross post on other sites.

4)   Post your ad in the correct category.  Posting in the correct category helps both sellers and buyers quickly reach the right audience with their ad.

5)   Potential buyers should only contact sellers using the “Contact Seller” module found next to each ad listing.   These are private messages that are sent to the email address we have on file.  We do not give out any sellers contact information to help prevent unwanted solicitations.

6)   No Adult, discriminatory, or offensive content is allowed.  We moderate all content and reserve the right to remove any listing or comment we deem inappropriate.

7)  All users should read and abide by our terms of service

8)   At the time of ad expiration you will have the option to renew the ad under the original terms until your app is sold (even if our listing prices go up you’ll be guaranteed the original terms for life!).

9)   Agreements on price, product, license terms and further details are up to the buyer and seller to negotiate.  It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to come to proper terms.

10)  In cases of disputes will serve as the moderator.  All our decisions are FINAL.

11) Report any behavior that is suspicious or you think violates our rules.   We depend on the community to report instance to us or post a public comment for the ad that will be seen by the rest of the community.  If you see something, say something!

12)    Please leave feedback if you complete a transaction.  We love to hear about all of the success stories!

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