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Affiliates has a FREE two-tiered Affiliate Program with Payouts of 50% for each customer you bring in and an additional 20% for each customer your referrals send our way.

It’s FREE to join and easy to get started.We provideyou with all the banners and text links for your website(s) or just create your own link with the affiliate id you get assigned to start referring clients. Read our FAQ to get started. Earn unlimited revenue each time someone posts an ad on our site!

• Earn 50% commission for each customer you send our way
• Earn 20% commission for any second-tier customer referrals
• Get sales reports and payout requests from inside your FREE user account dashboard
• FREE opportunity to make an endless amount of cash every month.  Each user that registers on our site will remain your referral forever allowing you to profit from every transaction that referral makes.
• We have many affiliates making several hundred to thousands of dollars every month, just by sending us customers. Our website has been featured in published articles, blogs and multiple press releases around the world.

Follow the 4 steps below and place our Affiliate Banners on your website(s) embedded with your Affiliate ID.

Get Affiliate Banners Here

It’s really easy and doesn’t cost anything to join!
Existing users are automatically setup with an affiliate account so you don’t need to sign-up. Just login to your account to get our banners.

1) Register for a FREE Affiliate user account! Already have an account? Sign In
2) Log in to get Affiliate Banners Here
3) Place our Affiliate Banners on your website(s), embedded with your Affiliate ID
4) Start making money today!

We’ve found that writing a blog post dedicated specifically to our users source code or website works quite well.

A quick review post on your blog, press release or a general post, such as “Check out” or “Sell App Source Code on” would be our recommendation. Placing one of our Affiliate Banners in your header or sidebar can also compliment your blog post. Be creative. There’s no limitations on how you can send users to us while earning money at the same time.


How Does it Work?
As an Affiliate member, you can earn money for sending users to our website. For every person you refer to our site that makes an Ad Listing purchase, you will earn a commission. The more people you refer to us, the better chances you have of making more money.

How Do I Promote
The easiest way to earn free money is by linking to our website with our Affiliate Banners. Create a free user account, promote with our Affiliate Banners on your website(s) and start earning money today.

How Easy is it to Get Started?
Create your free user account or login to your existing user account. Once logged in, you will have access to our library of banners which are embedded with your unique tracking code. That way, we can tell if a referral came from you or someone else. Click the link above to get our Affiliate Banners.

How Much Money Can I Make?’s Affiliate Payment Program is one of the best in the industry. We offer a Two-Tiered Affiliate Program which has Payouts of 30% and 10% respectively. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn each month. The harder you work to promote us, the better chances you have of making more money!

How Does The Two-Tiered Affiliate Program Work?
Our Two-Tiered Affiliate Program rewards you on two different levels. You will earn commissions on your first referral sales (first-tier) and you will earn commissions on the second referral sales that came from your first referral user (second-tier).

Tier 1 Affiliate Example: If person “A” (you) places a SellMyApplication Affiliate Banner on your website and person “B” clicks on the Affiliate Banner on your site and purchases a Featured Ad Listing at $99.99, you will earn a $49.99 commission (50%).

Tier 2 Affiliate Example: If person “B” places a SellMyApplication Affiliate Banner on their website and refers a Featured Ad Listing at $20, person “B” earns a $10.00 commission (50%) and person “A” (you) earn another $4.00 commission for doing absolutely nothing! See the potential for great profits?

Not only should you promote our website and source code for sale on our site, but you should also promote our Affiliate Program. The more Affiliates you have, the greater your reach can be and the greater your profits. Use Facebook, Twitter, paid search, such as Google AdWords or any other great ways to promote our website. Some Affiliates are already making several hundreds of dollars each month by doing this today.

How Will I Know if I Earned a Commission?
You can find your commissions earned inside your user Dashboard at the top of the website, When a user that you have referred to makes an Ad Listing purchase or Featured Listing purchase. You can also track all users who have clicked on your Affiliate Banner and joined our website from inside your user Dashboard.

How Do I Get Paid?
All Affiliate payments are made via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please sign up for one by visiting the website. You also need to make sure your PayPal e-mail address are correctly entered within your user account, located inside your Dashboard. Any account incorrectly setup or does not include a PayPal e-mail address will not be paid.

When are Affiliate Payouts Made?
When you reach the minimum Payout Amount inside your Dashboard, you will be allowed to submit a Payout Request from inside your Dashboard for Affiliate Payouts. There is a $20 minimum payout amount. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your Payout amount has been approved and will be processed or if it is rejected. Assuming your Affiliate commissions are valid (see below: “I Made a Commission but didn’t get Paid”), payments are processed once a month and will be sent to your PayPal account by the end of the next month. For example, if you requested an Affiliate Payout in March, you will be paid by April 30th.

Can I Earn Commissions from My Own Purchases?
No. You will not receive commissions when purchasing an Ad Listing or Featured placement through our Affiliate Program with your Affiliate ID. You may receive an automatic notification from us to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your Affiliate payout will not include this amount. Please don’t waste our time and try to be game the system using another e-mail address or some other clever method. It’s very easy for us to tell if someone has purchased an Ad Listing through their own Affiliate Banner or link. If there is any question about the legitimacy of the Affiliate sales and/or commission earned, you will not be paid and risk being permanently banned.

How Long Does the Affiliate Referral Last for?
When a visitor clicks through your Affiliate Banner or link, a 30-day cookie is set. If they make a purchase within those 30 days (and they don’t clear their cookies), you will earn the commission for their Ad Listing purchase.

What is an Affiliate Cookie and How Does it Work?
When someone clicks on an Affiliate Banner or link on your website(s), they are redirected to our website and a cookie is set with your Affiliate ID. As long as they don’t clear their cookies or click on another Affiliate Banner or link before making their purchase, the sale will be credited to you. Occasionally a person will click on your Affiliate Banner or link and gets redirected to our website and before they complete their purchase, they search Google for a coupon code. If they find one or see another Affiliate Banner or link and click on that from a different Affiliate, chances are it contains someone else’s Affiliate ID which would replace yours. The last Affiliate cookie that is set, is awarded the commission.

Can I use Paid Search, such as Google AdWords, to Promote
Yes, but there are some limitations. We recommend advertising on sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Twitter as long as you stay within the following guidelines. You may not advertise with brand-related keywords such as “AppCodeSource”, “App Code Source”, “App Code-Source”, “App-Code-Source” or any other variation of the You can, however use recommended terms like “Buy App Source Code”, “Sell App Source Code”, “Buy Source Code”, “Sell Source Code”, “Sell My Application Source Code”, etc. All Affiliate commissions received while advertising on or branded keywords will be nullified and commissions will not be paid.

Can I Setup a Dedicated Website to Promote
Yes, but you CAN NOT use domain names with or brand-related keywords (i.e.,, etc) for the sole purpose of Affiliate click-thrus. You CAN NOT mislead visitors with masked urls and/or inaccurate coupon codes (such as: click me for 40% off) links. These types of websites are against our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions and are likely viewed by Google as link schemes. Any Affiliate sales made via these dedicated or brand-related keyword sites and/or misleading coupon codes will not be paid.

I Made a Commission but didn’t get Paid
If you made a commission but never received payment for it, chances are it was either voided based on our audit or your Affiliate account is incomplete. We must have a minimum of your first/last name and PayPal e-mail address on file. If we suspect any fraudulent Affiliate Ad Listings, Featured Listings and/or commissions, the commissions will not be paid and the Affiliate runs the risk of losing their user account. If you forgot to set your PayPal e-mail address and then request an Affiliate Payout, your commission payout will be rejected and your commissions will remain in your account until you have entered your PayPal e-mail address. We occasionally do make mistakes, so if you have a valid case, please send our support team a message including the details of your transaction. Unpaid transactions older than 30 days cannot be disputed.

Why do I need to Submit a Tax Form?
We are a United States company and are legally required to collect either a W-9 (US Affiliate) before any Affiliate commissions are to be paid out over $500 USA dollars. You don’t need to have a tax form on file to activate and promote our website or the source code for sale on our website, however you will before any Affiliate commissions are paid to you over $500 USA dollars. will send you a W-9 Form as your Affiliate account reaches $500 USA dollars.

Here’s how it works. If you have made $500 USA dollars or more during the current year, we will file a 1099-MISC which will include your Affiliate earnings. Without this form on file, we are unable to process your Affiliate commissions over $500 USA dollars, however you will continue to accumulate any commissions in the meantime. Please be aware that if you fail to submit a completed tax form before December 31 (of the current year) after has sent it to you, you will forfeit all unpaid Affiliate commissions earned during the remainder of that year.

My Commission is Not Showing up or it Has Been Reversed
This usually means a purchase of one of our Ad Listings or Featured Listings was reversed due to a fraudulent transaction or the transaction was never completed by the user. It could also mean that the Affiliate commission was reversed because it was not made following our Affiliate Guidelines.


Affiliate Promotion Ideas
Be as creative as you like. Most people take the easy route and place our Affiliate Banners on their website(s) and hope someone will eventually click on it. This will work, but it’s not always the most effective method. Use our Affiliate Banners on your site to gain the power of a blog post. Writing a review about will not only get more traffic to your site but it’s 10 times more likely to generate an Affiliate commission for you. Why is that? Thousands of App Developers are always searching the Internet for Application reviews and source code to buy or sell. They are already in the buying or selling mode and if your review convinces them enough, they will click on our Affiliate Banner with your Affiliate ID to visit our website. Make your reviews honest and tell them why you love so much.

Affiliate Program – Terms & Conditions reserves the right to reject or decline payments, suspend accounts, and/or terminate any affiliate user account without notice. This may be due to one or several of the following reasons: 1) providing false and/or misleading information about discount codes 2) running paid search engine marketing campaigns (i.e. AdWords) on brand-related keywords mentioned above 3) using link farms, spamming forums/websites, and/or taking part in any illicit acts to drive traffic towards your affiliate links 4) any incomplete, fraudulent or refunded transactions from a users who places an ad listing. Any terminated or suspended Affiliate Account with pending payments or any remaining Affiliate balance will not be distributed. All decisions are final and all Affiliate Accounts that are terminated or suspended will not be reversed.


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