App Board Marketing Benefits

Why Post Your Image on Our Million Dollar App Marketing Billboard?

There are numerous benefits to buying ad space on the new Million Dollar App Billboard:

  • All ads on this billboard will become a permanent Internet fixture.  All ads will remain online for a guaranteed time  and most likely be online forever with significant marketing efforts put behind this effort over a very long period of time (7+ years).  It will be viewed over and over and serve as a reminder of our industry for years to come.
  • You will get a high ranking link back to your site thereby increasing the search engine rankings of your page.  This will help search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your site via google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines.  We currently have a Page Rank for 4/10 and rising.  Ever try to buy a 30 day ad on a PR4+ site?  Why pay for 30 day ad with limited impressions while you can get a permanent “do follow” ad for the same amount.
  • Get unlimited page views and impressions for life.  You’ll own the ad space (pixels) you purchase and can make changes to the pixels you own anytime.
  • You’ll never have to renew your ad!  Why keep paying ad providers a recurring fee to keep getting impressions.
  • Increase your status and link backs to your site as the popularity of this billboard grows.
  • Proceeds generated will be put back into marketing this effort further helping to make this a landmark page for the App industry for years to come.  Benefit from our top marketing team that is focused on building long term marketing leads for your app business.
  • Get the benefit of high amount of traffic this page gets and it’s status among the app world.  The more popular the billboard becomes the more eyeballs your ad will get over the years.  Help spread the word by posting the billboard on your sites and social media outlets.
  • In addition to a link back to your site you are allowed a 250 character text ad to go along with the pixels.
  • Benefit from the large social media presence of this billboard and its viral nature to help spread its reach across the world.
  • Ability to change/manage the pixels you own to other images (as long as the changes meet our terms.)
  • Gain exposure world wide to many audiences that may have never have seen your logo.
  • Become part of Internet history!  If we reach our goal we will be the first 1+ Million dollar billboard focused on supporting the App industry.  Other successful billboards have been built focused on different industries, but this is the first Million Dollar App Billboard.
  • You’ll have 24×7 support for any questions or updates you want to make to your pixels.

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