Tapping Into Success: The New ‘Appreneur’

| Advertising, Blog | February 5, 2013

Tapping Into Success: The New ‘Appreneur’


You’ve probably begun to notice the word ‘Appreneur’ sprouting up in the industry. And if you’re not quite familiar with what an Appreneur is, don’t worry, not many people are. This article will sus out the differences between the traditional entrepreneur from that of today’s appreneur.


The fact is, it’s a rather new buzzword in the app industry–so new in fact, that there wasn’t even a Wikipedia entry for it until recently. So what the heck is an appreneur?

Well, you’ve most likely already figured out that the word Appreneur is a marriage of the words “app” and “entrepreneur”. And you’ve probably deduced that it’s a title for someone who generates income in some way, shape or form in the applications used on smartphones and mobile devices. And sure, at face value, you’d be pretty bang on. However, there are few key attributes that are associated specifically with being an appreneur.

The first attribute is that it is extremely niche specific. While entrepreneurs span all markets, industries and business models, appreneur’s are 100% focused on the app industry.

Another key attribute is that appreneurship laughs in the face of conventional wisdom, which says that if you want to make a lot of money in a business, the best way to go about doing this is to find a product with a very high profit margin and sell it at a premium to people who can afford it. Well, the app industry marches to the beat of it’s own drummer. Most apps only cost 99 cents… or are free! That’s hardly a premium-pricing model. However, the fact of the matter is, largely thanks to Apple, we as smartphone users are so conditioned to buy or download apps without ever taking out our credit cards, that with the simple tap of a button we make impulse buys on a whim. And all those cents from app downloads can add up to a whole bunch of dollars in a hurry.

In the traditional offline world of selling products there is something known as “minimum viable product.” This means making something smaller and cheaper, while still charging the same, or more. Appreneur’s however come at this from a different angle–they focus on and embrace simplicity and LESS functionality. This is due to the fact that the most popular apps on the market are very nearly always those that are the single-function easiest to use apps around, which can be figured out at a glance. People want apps that do one thing, and one thing only, does it quickly, easily and with some style. And that’s it.

Another notable attribute worth mentioning is that true appreneurs embrace various leverage points in order to live the lifestyle of their choosing. Because the fact is, being an appreneur CAN allow you to literally live any you want.

There are a lot of really good (and cheap) software developers and development firms around the globe–in countries like India, Russia and the Philippines. And this makes outsourcing pretty easy and cost-effective. With a few basic tips and the right resources, you can hire and manage your own outsourcing team to do the heavy lifting for you, at a fraction of the time, energy or cost if you were to hire in the U.S. or develop the app yourself.

If you have an idea, a pen, a slice of paper and a smartphone, you literally have all the tools to make this business work. You can simply sketch out your basic app on a piece of paper or a napkin, snap a photo of it with your phone and email it off to your outsourcer, all from any internet cafe on any corner of the planet.

Being an appreneur allows you to live a true mobile lifestyle. You can even hire an overseas Virtual Assistant to help you project manage if you want to. You can live anywhere in the world, and can have come from any walk of life with little to no programing chops.

A good appreneur is smart about how they structure and build their business, how they choose and manage their development team, and ultimately how they marketing and monetize their apps. They keep informed in order to stay ahead of (or in some case even help create) the future industry trends, and keep up with what’s going on in the app communities like AppClover.com, in publications like Appreneur Magazine, on podcasts like the Marketing Your Apps and Appreneur Podcasts, and in books like Chad Mureta’s App Empire and Taylor Pierce’s book Appreneur.

Appreneurs are playing in this app sandbox because they enjoy it, but also because they share the same thought that this is the “next big thing”, and a great way to build their future wealth. There are some industry analysts who predict that this industry will churn out many Appreneurs whose success will dwarf that of 99% of ALL past Entrepreneurs across all other industries since the beginning of time.

Seem like a bold prediction? Well take a look at The Wall Street Journal’s The Technology Report they recently published and examine some of the note-worthy stats about the available mind-blowing opportunities that are on the horizon:

• 136 billion mobile apps are predicted to be downloaded in 2017
• The average smartphone user will download 37 mobile apps this year
• The average smartphone user in the USA spends 94 minutes per day using mobile apps
• The average smartphone user in the USA spends 72 minutes per day using browsers

Can you see the potential to have a lot of fun in this market as an appreneur?

Then fact is, mobile apps aren’t going anywhere. Quite the opposite. Apps aren’t just a new market opportunity, they’re a movement, a revolution, and a pivotal technological factor as to why our world is quickly evolving and forging ahead. And the best part about it all is that the playing field is still relatively even. There’s still time to get involved and make your mark as an appreneur. Give it a few more years, and the competition will be even more fierce, the market less penetrable, and the wealth less easy to acquire.

By getting involved now and integrating some of the marketing ideas and strategies from this chapter, you’ll be placing your app at the forefront of the competition, and putting yourself one step closer to reaching your appreneurial goals in the process.


Matthew Lutz

Founded and ran a 7-figure boutique advertising agency catering to international client (i.e. got to take lots of “business trips” to the Caribbean)? Yup.

Worked as an online and affiliate marketing gun-for-hire on multiple 7-figure product launches? Been there done that.

So what was the natural next step for Matthew Lütz? Apps of course!

As Co-Founder and COO of AppClover.com, Matthew, along with his business partner and CEO Len Wright, are working diligently at creating and maintaining a global app marketing and monetization online resource hub and community, along with publishing the world’s first monthly app marketing and monetization mobile magazine – AppreneurMagazine.com, and building a platform for people to publish their own Apple Newsstand app, called Appzine Machine – whew! And when Matthew’s not doing all that work stuff, he leads a pretty quiet life with his family in California … well, as quiet as it can be with a 3.5 and a 16 month old ;)

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