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Body Compass enhances your sense of direction by physically alerting you (quick vibrate or sound) each time you are pointing North.   Find out where you’re headed without ever having to look at your device.   Many options available to customize settings.  This app becomes truly addictive and a must have tool in your tool belt of apps.

This innovative app will help train your body’s sense of direction. Studies have shown that people who are aware of their direction at all times are better able to spatially orient themselves.  As a result their sense of direction improves dramatically even after they’ve stopped using the device.

Direction is something that humans can’t detect innately.  To understand direction the human brain needs to be trained.  Birds and some other species have additional senses that allow them to sense direction, but unfortunately humans were only given five senses.  With the right tools (or apps) human senses can be enhanced.  We can take advantage of the brain’s plasticity and train it by feeding it input from external sources like touch and sound.

This innovative app was inspired by a 2007 article by Sunny Baines.  In this article Sunny talks about various research efforts in the field of  “Spatial Orientation Enhanced Systems” (SOES) and the invention of the “feelSpace belt”.  Early research, funded by NASA, in this area showed that people were better able to use their innate senses to help orient themselves in flight with the use of tactile stimulation.

This same concept has now come to mobile devices via the Body Compass.  This app will use built-in Compass functionality to help orient users through the use of tactile stimulation (sound or vibration).  Users of such systems report better special orientation and improved ability to map out directions in their head.

It’s the perfect app for that hiker, biker, sailor, athlete, vacationer, hunter, or the visually impaired.  The “directionally challenged” folks who need help with training their brain are also key beneficiaries of such an app.  For most it’s just a cool app that can impress their friends.



Built-in compass
Rotating satellite map that adjust to your orientation and moves with you
Alerts you when pointing True North so you can orient yourself
Set custom alerts to alert based on specified degree coordinates
Stop/Start alerts
Works in Airplane mode
Get directions and guide yourself from point A to point B.
Email your location (useful when you want to find your way back to your car or other spot).
Full help and support available.

If you find a bug or issue with your app we are very responsive and will make every effort to release updates to solve all issues.  If you have a new feature request let us know.

Visit our support forum to view FAQs, report an issue, or suggest new features:



Iphone 3GS
iPhone 4
ipad wifi +3G
iOS 3.0+

Screen shots:

Body Compass is developed and maintained by:

Muhammad Waris Ali and Vassilios Pantazopoulos

About Vassilios:

Vassilios Pantazopoulos is the founder of the Body Compass.
He is also the co-founder of and has over 14 years of experience in the high tech industry.

About Muhammad:

Muhammad is a software engineer and has been working as a free lancer for over 4 years. He has worked with various platforms like JAVA, Ruby on Rails, PHP , C# and Objective C.  Currently Muhammad is engaged in iOS development.  He is the founder of a small company “Xeon Labs” ( ).

Muhammad is a complete software engineer and has a firm grasp on Object Oriented Programming , Design Patterns and Databases.  In addition he is considered to be an expert with graphic design allowing him to take full control of developing the entire app including all graphics.

During his free time Muhammad enjoys playing games, lots of games, (RTS only :D) or cricket.  He lives in Karachi, Pakistan and his full profile can be found here.

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