Friendly Twitjet Vs. Popular Twitter – Twitterati Wins!

| Blog | December 21, 2013

Summary: Twitjet is a pioneering widget from a leading Android app development provider VITEB, which allows Twitter app users to access the popular social networking site in their Android device homescreen, without opening or logging into it.You can also set the homescreen timeslines and change the widget theme according to your preferences and mood. Twitjet widget developed by Android App Development professionals at VITEB is available on Google Play.

Twitter has unquestionably evolved as the most indomitable social media power in recent times. And it has not only left many addicted, but have managed to create it own stromg community of Twitteretis! Are you also one of them?


And to make your Twitter experience all the more pleasurable and user-friendly comes Twitjet – the ‘free’ handy widget from VITEB. So, if you have been fussing over getting bored at the number times you have to open and log on to Twitter in a day or in an hour, Twitjet has the solution.

This innovative widget allows you to view as well reply to your tweets on your Twitter account, while ensuring that you do not have to open or log into the Twitter app for the same. All you need to do is just access all your tweet on Twitter from the home screen of your Android device.

But, surprises from Twitjet does not end here. Infact, this amazing widget lets you get timelines instantly on your home screen. More so, you can reply from the widget itself while on the move. Also, with Twitjet you can actually customize your widget as in  the header, body and the text – with colors and transparency to suit your mood and according to your preferences.

Twitjet is indeed one of the finest innovations in Android App development to have featured in Google Play.

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