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Posting a Classified Ad for your App on SellMyApplication

Buy, sell, or license apps, components, web sites, scripts, themes, plugins, or other assets on sellmyapplication.
You keep 100% of the profits!! Simple flat fee to list and that’s it!


Start by reading our FAQ that answers some commonly asked questions about transferring app ownership and our rules and etiquette for posting ads on our site.  You can post an ad on any type of source code or app.  This include, but not limited to, mobile apps, web sites, scripts, custom themes, plugins, components, or any other type of source code you own.  We’ve seen our community use a variety of software licenses to sell source code.  Some developers have actually earned more selling licenses to code than they have by selling binaries on the apps store!

You decide what type of license you want to sell and post an ad describing exactly what is for sale.  Once a potential buyer contacts the seller it is up to the buyer and seller to negotiate the final terms of the deal.

Create a free account by registering with  Sellers will need an account to post an ad/auction.  Buyers will also need an account if they are interested in contacting sellers or bidding on items.  By default we do not provide users access to the sellers contact information.

Tip: When creating an account be sure to include your photo, links to your social media connections, and other information to allow prospective buyers/sellers to know a bit more about yourself. The more you make available about yourself the more credibility you build within the community.  Buyers will be able to contact you via the contact module located in the right margin of all listings.

  Set a reasonable price and post an ad describing what parts of your app or business you’re trying to sell.  Be clear and concise.  You can sell full exclusive rights to your code, sell only copies of code for use in derivative works, license usage of parts of the code, or sell the entire business you may have registered.

Tip: Read our article on how to attract the right buyers for your app.

We don’t take any commission from any sales within our classified ad marketplace!   This is a key differentiator from our competitors who often take 30% or more.  Here you pay one flat fee to list and that’s it!  We’ve had developers make thousands of dollars selling licenses to their apps and app components and we still charge the same flat fee.
We can do this because most of our revenue is generated by sponsors.  So if you like our marketplace don’t forget to support us by visiting our sponsors :)

Once your ad is published buyers can start a private discussion with the seller to negotiate terms of the sale by contacting him/her directly via our contact seller module located on the right margin of each ad.  Only registered users will be able to contact the seller through our contact module.  Only then will you be able to reveal contact information (if you decide to do so).  This helps to prevent unwanted solicitations.

Publicize and market your listing by linking back to it.  This is important if you want to maximize exposure of your ad. Use all your social media connections, your website, and other means to spread the word.

Tip: The more people that see your ad the more bids you’ll get.   Just copy the link to your ad and post it freely to message boards and other social media outlets.  Feel free to use our badge or images from our Press page in any marketing you pursue.

  Once you find a buyer you’ll work out the terms of the deal and coordinate the exchange of code and rights to the new owner.  Most sellers will use paypal or google to exchange funds and coordinate exchange of source code.  Some users like to use escrow services to coordinate the exchange of code.  An escrow company acts as a middleman between a buyer and a seller.

Tip: Each transaction is different and the buyer and seller need to work out the logistics or any special terms.

Once the deal closes you mark your listing as SOLD!

Get started today! Be seen by thousands of potential buyers!

Have more questions?  Read our FAQ or contact us directly.

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About SellMyApplication: (SMA) was founded in 2010 by a small group of app developers based out of Boston, MA USA.   We were first to market with the idea of creating a mobile app marketplace for mobile app businesses.  Our site is focused on connecting developers interested in buying, selling, trading, or licensing apps they’ve written.  SMA has quickly become the leading marketplace with thousands of registered developers and millions of visitors every year.

With you’ll be able to reach a highly targeted audience of app developers, entrepreneurs, and users interested in purchasing code to improve existing projects or expand their reach across to new customers.  Read our FAQ to get started.

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  1. Hi Guise,
    Do you want to buy or sell some thing? This is a site for buying or selling some thing. For that you need just a account. By using it you can show your relevant products ad. Every day a huge number of people visit this site for searches their essential products. So if you add your product’s description in it, all buyers can introduce with it. If they like your products Than you can easily sell it. It a great advantage for both seller or buyer.

  2. Bill Pascal on June 17, 2012 @ 3:55 PM

    Great site guys! I was able to sell my app business within 3 days of posting an ad! The community is highly engaged and asked great questions. The support you guys provided was top notch. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Hey, great article, I’m just trying to find a way to safely sell my source code to buyers halfway across the globe. Any ideas how I can do this safely ? On Paypal they don’t really offer solutions to selling source code (only digital goods)

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