Why Buy an App?

Top Reasons Buy an App Business:

For Developers

Whether it’s source code, software components, reusable libraries, or multimedia assets; why don’t you monetize them? Others can find the code you’ve written useful for their needs, and you can earn some revenue. On SellMyApplication.com you can list your source code, or app components to millions of potential buyers who can reuse the code for new projects helping them save time and money.

For Freelancers

Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel. Be efficient, save hundreds of work hours and thousands of dollars by using other people’s code in your own projects!  Don’t wast time rewriting login, emailing, payment, or settings systems developing again what other millions of  developers have already developed before. Less time spent reinventing the wheel is more time for you trying focusing on getting new clients and more projects.

For Entrepreneurs and Investors

You don’t need to go for risky outsourcing or hiring expensive developers to create your app from scratch. Instead, find a fully developed app business on SellMyApplication.com or the source code of an app you can adapt for your particular idea.  Acquire the full app business, rights, and user base for particular apps.  Build a portfolio of apps to generate multiple revenue streams.


There are the top reasons why people buy app rights and code:

#1.  You know a good idea when you see one.  Take an app that may be suffering from improper marketing and PR and turn it around into the next blockbuster.   It’s one thing to build an app, but it takes special skills to market and promote an app.

#2. You may have had a similar idea that someone may have already started working and has a good model that you can expand and improve.

#3.  You want to buy a promising app, polish it a bit, and flip it for a profit.

#4. You don’t want to rewrite a component (e.g. login, payments systems, review system) that someone has already spent a good deal of time writing.  Save hundreds of hours by reusing code and plugging in app components.

#5.  You’re looking to add new features or capabilities to an existing app.  Buy an app with good technology you can reuse into something useful.  You can enter into a non-exclusive deal where you buy the app knowing that other may also be using the app code for different projects.

#6.  Find a white label opportunity where a developer is licensing use of their app, but you put your own logo and graphics and market it as your own app business.

#7.  Build a portfolio of apps or start a new business model.

#8.  Find a partner that you can work with to market, develop, and invest with to take an app idea to the app store.

Search sellmyapplication.com for promising apps that you think have the potential to start generating some serious revenue.    We connect buyers with sellers!

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