Why Sell an App?

Top Reasons Why Developers Decide to Sell Their App Code and Rights:

Just like there are many reasons developers buy source code, there are just as many reasons as to why you’d want to sell an app:

#1.   You have a great app but don’t have much time to promote and support it? With sellmyapplication.com you may find a new home for your app or get the exposure you need to find a partner or new user base.

#2.  Have a technology or strong engine that can become a base for number of other great apps? License your app engine for sale on sellmyapplication.com.

#3. Offload a creation to another party who might be able to do a better job, or at least use some of the app’s technology in another product. You may be able to negotiate a partnership with buyers to help promote, expand, or improve both applications.

#4.  You want to focus on a different project(s) and don’t have much time to commit to past efforts.  Sell and use the proceeds to invest in new efforts.

#5.  Want to sell non-exclusive rights to your app.  This means you’ll license your code to someone who can then use all or parts of it to derive new apps from your code.  Your code may be able to provide the basis of thousands of apps if designed well.

#6.  You put some up front effort to get an app of the ground then turn around and flip it for a quick profit.

#7.  You live in a country where you’re not allowed to publish apps to a particular app store.  For example itunes appstore will not let certain countries publish apps in their app store.  For developers in these countries who have developed a really good app their only option is to license, partner, or sell their app to other developers in approved countries.

Whatever the reason sellmyapplication.com will allow you to post an Ad for your product and connect with many potential buyers.  As an added benefit your app will get the exposure you might need to find partners or a new user base.

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  1. Vassilios

    Great site guys. I’ve been looking for a site like this so I can sell the rights to some code that I’ve worked really hard to develop. Having a place you can go to meet others who are interested in the same thing is great!

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