How to Buy and Sell Mobile Apps Source Code and Rights

| Blog | October 2, 2010

The mobile application business is one of the fastest growing industries in modern history. It has turned into a billion dollar industry in just a matter of years. Mobile applications have changed thewayweplay,search, learn, interact, manage tasks, and so much more. They have become an extension of ourselves.

With new app stores and development platforms constantly evolving it’s hard for even the best developers to keep pace. Developing an application from scratch can be a daunting task. Even for the most experienced developers it can consume months of time and thousands of dollars to prepare, market, and launch a new application.

Freelance sites help those with small budgets get started. Many times though it is difficult to communicate your requirements or develop a high quality app using these types of resources. There are a few sites out there, but I have used and recommend

You may have an idea for an app idea but don’t want to commit your money or time to develop. You can check out sites This site will allow you to submit your mobile application ideas for free and if chosen the app will be developed. For your idea you will receive a percentage of the revenue the app generates for its lifetime. That’s a great way to get an app out to market with minimal effort and no upfront money.

You may may have ambitions of buying existing apps that have potential to grow with proper marketing and support. At you can purchase ownership of already developed mobile applications. can have you on your path to mobile application dominance in a matter of days with offerings from all application platforms. Iphone apps, Blackberry apps, Ipad apps, Palm apps, Windows Mobile apps, you name it, you’ll find it. Build a portfolio of apps and start a new business by investing in promising tools and technology.

There are many reasons people buy or sell applications:

Why buy an application?

Why sell your application?


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