How to Make Money as an Independent Mobile App Developer

| Blog | May 19, 2012

Earning a Living as a Mobile App Developer

Earning a living as an independent mobile software developer isn’t all the difficult right now. People love the iPhone and Android devices because of theirvariousapps.Businesseswant to cash in on this craze, so they are willing to pay a fair amount for software developers to make them apps. There are many ways to make a living as a mobile software developer. This article will present some of the best tips for making enough money.

For Yourself or Others
There are two major ways of going about making money as a mobile software developer. You can either work for yourself or you can work for others.

Working for yourself entails making apps that will be popular in the various app stores, and then selling the app to make some cash. You will normally get about 70 percent of the app’s price as your profit, with the app store itself taking the other 30 percent.

The advantage here is that you can make anything you want and still make money. At the same time, there is no guarantee that people will like or buy your app.

The other method is to find clients to work for. That is fairly easy at the moment. Many businesses want apps to market and represent their business, but few business owners know anything about software development.

Finding a client is fairly easy and shouldn’t take you too long. You are confined by what the business wants you to make, but you are guaranteed to make money for your time.

Figure in Selling Fees
It doesn’t matter if you are programming for yourself or for a business, you will need to register with one of the mobile app stores. Most stores charge about $100 either as a one-time or annual fee for basic registration. You will also need to spend money to submit apps to the app store.

Always make sure to add these charges into your bottom line. The iPhone charges aren’t too bad, as you mostly have to spend $100 a year and that’s it. Windows charges you $100 for registration, and another $100 for app submission.

Finding Clients
Finding clients isn’t too hard since people want developers. You can often go to freelancing websites and post up a resume there. You can also directly contact businesses and tell them that you are capable of making software.

Some businesses will also put out bulletins saying that they need a mobile software developer for their apps. However, this is usually met by a huge wave of competition, as every other developer will apply for the position.

The best things you can do is build a relationship with businesses and show them how good you are at developing software. This is also the best way to get repeat clients.

Promote Yourself
Another thing you need to do is promote yourself. This lets businesses know you are open for work, and they will often come to you with projects. Promoting yourself takes time and effort, but it often pays off.

Start by making a website and showing off your projects. Show people the programs you have built, and add in common project costs so businesses know what they will have to spend.

You can also go on social media websites and talk about what you are doing with software development. Making articles on mobile software development and posting them on Facebook and Twitter is a great way to gain an expert status in the field. This will make people regard you with higher respect, which often converts into more projects and jobs.

If you have the skills to make mobile software, then making a living as an independent mobile software developer isn’t all that difficult. You just need to find some clients, promote yourself or make apps of your own to sell. There are many ways to make a living in this niche, you just need to find people to pay you or make something that people will pay you for.

Just show the world how skilled you are at making software, and you will often be rewarded with projects and money. Just get yourself out there and you are sure to get money as a developer.


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Ken Lyons writes for Brainloop, a company specializing in creating a highly secure workspace using your iPad through Brainloop mobile document security, making it easy to share documents using your mobile device.

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