How to Market Yourself As A Mobile App Developer

| Blog | June 8, 2012

Having enough skill to make a mobile app is impressive, and it can land you a lot of clients. At the same time, there is one task ahead of you: marketing this skill. Many mobile app developers haveahardtimewhen it comes to marketing themselves. They don’t know how to do it, and they often undercut their prices to get clients because no one knows who they are. You need exposure, and the Internet is the perfect place for that. There are a few simple things you can do to market yourself as a mobile app developer.

Publish Something
People trust professionals that have written something. Writing an article, case study, report or book makes you very credible because it shows what you know about the subject. This also gives people a chance to inspect your work, and that can help you find clients.

Making an article or report is actual quite easy, especially for someone well versed in their area of study, which in this case is mobile app development. So to get started, just write about something concerning mobile app development. You could write about how effective mobile apps are for business, the differences between a good and bad developer or how mobile apps differ depending on their platform. There are many subjects within this area, and writing a well thought out and well researched piece of writing about any of them will make you more credible.

Publishing articles and reports is also easy. You can submit the articles on article directories online, you can start up a website or blog to showcase your writing, or you can publish longer pieces on e-book networks like the Kindle and Kobo networks.

In terms of forums, there are two different directions when it comes to forum marketing as a mobile app developer. You can either go to a mobile app developer forum, or you can join a business forum. The former is filled with other developers, so getting noticed on such a forum can be difficult, but the credibility you receive from being a part of these forums is much more meaningful because you are among your peers. If this is your choice, then do your best to rise through the ranks by making smart and interesting posts that really show your authority on the subject. If you do well, other developers may even come to you for help.

Business forums are where most of your clients will be. You can also use this forum to show how knowledgeable you are on the subject of mobile app development, but this method can be a little more difficult, because unlike the developer forum, where discussions about app development are appreciated, it can come off as spam on a business forum full of people who are less familiar about the field. Just make sure you don’t push too hard, and you should be able to get some clients.

Forum marketing, regardless of your choice, boils down to a few simple principles. You just need to show yourself as an authority, and you need to make interesting posts and responses that make people take notice of you.

Social Networking
Many professionals are now turning to social networks to find service providers. You can take advantage of this by making a profile to share your most recent apps and projects. Building relationships with businesspeople can also be helpful.

This is similar to forum marketing in some ways, but the platform is different. You should make interesting posts that people will take notice of, and you shouldn’t push your agenda too hard. You should also focus on building a relationship with businesspeople. If you just try to make all of your followers buy from you, then you won’t have much success.

Most of your followers won’t buy from you, but they can refer you to people that need your help. Just concentrate on building a relationship here, and you should get some clients.

Many people listen to podcasts, and you can use this to catapult your exposure. Run a podcast where you talk about something concerning mobile app development. There are many subjects to cover, so just pick one and stick with that.

Mention your name and website in the beginning and end of the podcast. This should give you enough exposure to bring in some clients.

Marketing yourself as a mobile app developer isn’t difficult, but you need to be smart and resourceful in your marketing efforts, and most importantly, you must be willing to put yourself out there. If you don’t feel confident about your abilities, then people will notice and will be wary of buying from, since people only want to buy from experts and professionals. By putting careful and sustained effort into these various marketing platforms, you can be well on your way to establishing yourself as an authoritative mobile app developer.


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  1. Hi reader, Im arian Chanthavong. Wow i l feel like i’ve already succeeded in my apprenuer path. I have just submitted my first app on the App Store ‘Iron Fist Lite’ and ‘Iron Fist Pro’.
    Reading this has just given me so much more to achieve.
    Time to get social netwoking.
    I can definitely see myself as a professional app developer and hoping to get more apps on the store these next few months. Im going to create a new theme of the fruit ninja game with a really simple theme that i cant believe nobody has used yet. Stay tuned!
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