Iphone Android App Ideas: Getting Started

| Blog | March 19, 2011

Smartphone Application Ideas: Getting Started

Smartphone application developers are constantly on the move. And since overzealous developers stick to platforms that create the most buzz inthemarket,it’sall thumbs-up for Apple’s iPhone, and of course, the Android-powered platforms. So, how exactly do we get to the point of developing smartphone applications that surprisingly create a blast in the market?

As it turns out, there is no silver bullet that offers a one-size-fits-all solution at all. A single idea could soar high into a multimillion-dollar craze, or it could turn out to be a bummer. So, if you want to start off in your quest to stand out among the hundreds of thousands of mobile apps out there, these quick roundups on some useful tips may come in handy for you:

Make the world a better place

An application that solves a problem, makes your life easier, or increases your productivity could be an ally, a life-saver, or your best friend—from apps that measure your caloric intake to spreadsheets to task managers—everything that matters under the sun. But it’s a fact: we all have personal preferences. So, look for a specific niche that you feel comfortable working on and start from there. Who knows your next project could be the next best thing!

Boredom is the name of the game

Who would have thought those boring weekend hours would turn into a frenzy of slinging grumpy birds onto those smirking pigs? Yes, it’s all about Angry Birds by Rovio reaching 100 million downloads thus far. And let’s all face it: as long as human brains are naturally wired to win—or at least on a virtual level—games will always be around.

It’s Pure Entertainment

Life is music. You can bet your life trying to find a single smartphone without any music file in it. If your application lets users play, sync, manage, and discover new tunes with ease, then it could turn every smartphone on fire. Ever heard of Pandora? Install one on your iPhone and you’ll see why.

Think out of the box

Need we say more? Developing an application isn’t about you. It’s all about the end-users out there. Test. Test. Test. Once you have your application ready, an interface that’s cool for you may not be so easy on the eye for many—another great idea going down the drain just because the graphics weren’t so appealing at all. So, thinking from the perspective of the end-users is the key to a marketable application.

Giving yourself enough time to discover fresh ideas would always give you the edge in the competitive world of software development. You can check http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ to start off with Apple’s iOS (software development kit) SDK, or http://developer.android.com for Android SDK. The sites offer a complete list of steps and information to guide you through in creating your very first smartphone application.


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  2. I have a great “FOR SURE” app but don’t know anything about producing, or how to impliment, but want to sell the idea.  Am so afraid someone will steal idea from me.  Any tips out there?

  3. Quite good information on getting ideas to develop the android & iPhone Application.  I was wondering to make a big project on these app so that I can place over marketplace to get complete the needs of the user.

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