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| Blog | June 2, 2012

We’ve tried to develop a list here of some open source iphone apps developers can use to learn from or expand further.

Developing apps can be hard to learn if you don’t have some good examples tolearnfrom.Herewe’ve provided links to some of the apps we like best with links to complete source code. These apps are all fully functional and we’ve made sure to include apps that have actually been accepted into the app store.

Get started by looking for apps that may look similar to something you are working on. The goal should be not to have to reinvent the wheel.

Important: Always make sure you understand the licenses as many of these open source iPhone apps are GPL and require that you open source your app if you use any parts of their code.

Our Favorite Open Source iPhone Apps

1. AntiMapLogAn app for recording your own data (location, time, etc.) over a period of time. (iTunes link) (source code)

2. Barcode ScannerAn example app that is part of the Zxing barcode reader project. (iTunes link) (source code)

3. Battle For WesnothFantasy themed turn based tactical RPG game available on several platforms and now the iPhone/iPad. (iTunes link) (source code)

4. BubbsyCocos2D based game using Box2D fixes and Tiled level creation. (iTunes link) (source code)

5. ComicFlowBeautiful comic book reader for iPad. (iTunes link) (source code)

6. Cryptose A cryptogram puzzle game made with the Marmalade (formerly Airplay) SDK. (iTunes link) (source code)

7. Diceshaker Dice rolling simulator designed for role-playing game enthusiasts. (iTunes link) (source code)

8. Doom Classic Classic 3D first person shooter. (iTunes link) (source code)

9. Edhita iPad text editor with file transfer support and browser previewing. (iTunes link) (source code)

10. GorillasClassic Worms/iShoot turn based shooter type game converted to iPhone from basic. Utilizes Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code).

11. iLabyrinthPuzzle game written in Cocos2D requiring you to navigate through increasingly difficult labyrinths. (iTunes link) (source code)

12. iStrobeTurns the iPhone 4 flash into a highly configurable strobe light. (iTunes link) (source code)

13. MoleculesAllows you to view 3D models of molecules and manipulate them through touch. (iTunes link) (source code)

14. MoverAllows you to transfer stuff from one iPhone to another by “flicking” it to the other device. (iTunes link) (source code)

15. Puff PuffBeautiful underwater 2D game utilizing Cocos2D and Openfeint featuring unique physics based gameplay. (iTunes link) (source code)

16. Sign PlusApp for turning iPad into a digital sign. (itunes link) (source code)

17. SpaceBubbleSpace game featuring core graphics, and accelerometer usage. (itunes link) (source code)

18. VimThe classic highly configurable UNIX text editor ported to iOS. (itunes link) (source code)

19. WordPressClient for managing WordPress blogs. Also has an iPad version. (itunes link) (source code)

20. XpilotSimple massively multiplayer arcade shooter from the early days of the internet. (itunes link) (source code)

Please feel free to add to this list by commenting below. We’re always looking for cool new open source apps we can use to either contribute to or simply learn new ways of coding.

Look forward to hearing from others

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