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| Blog | January 17, 2013

Great Outlook for Linux in 2013


Linux-based operating systems have been around for quite some time now. It is a Unix-like computer operating system that is open source and free. One of the most popular if not the most popular Linux-based operating system on desktop and laptop personal computers today is Ubuntu – a computer operating system that is now on its 8th year of existence. Finally, as 2013 is engulfing us – Ubuntu is also attempting to break into smart phones.


Founder’s Insight

Canonical founder, Mark Shuttleworth is confident that Ubuntu’s switch from large manufacturers to mobile phones will be a success. In fact, he envisioned that this new OS version will capture both the basic smart phone consumers and business owners who will benefit from limiting their provisions to their employees to one device that can do all computing functions instead of three.


Powerful Development


Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu is planning a version of its software that is compatible to future Android smart phones and Google or LG’s recently released Nexus 4. In fact, they are planning to release a smart phone operating system that can operate like a full desktop operating system when connected to a monitor, keyboard and a mouse. Maybe this will be their strategy to break the current set-up of operating systems now dominating the smart phone market. This being said is a true breath of fresh air to the smart phone world. Unifying your smart phone and your computer, that’s second to none!


Promising Services


Canonical finds Ubuntu for Android very helpful since it enables the user to experience Ubuntu on a mobile platform without committing to any billing responsibilities. Despite the domination of Android, iOS and Windows phones, Canonical is certain that Ubuntu will be gaining substantial share in the smart phone market – since it can also run in any mobile device that is powered by Android. This is actually a big help for manufacturers since they can use the same specifics for the molds as the Android phones. On the other hand, it will be handy also for carriers to release their own services into the Ubuntu framework. Most of all, the consumers will be greatly benefitted because they can have more catered features without changing their respective mobile carrier.


Linux innovators declared that Ubuntu will be much more open than Android – even if the latter is already noted as a very open operating system. Hearing that, for sure – many consumers will be curious on what the Ubuntu breakthrough holds. Whether it’s a miss or a hit, only time can tell but as for now, with Ubuntu making its way to the smart phone market – there’s truly a great outlook for Linux this 2013.


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