Million Dollar App Marketing Billboard – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this board?

We are putting together an app board to showcase the current and future landscape of the app industry.  We’ve developed a popular ad space that will allow app related companies to buy permanent ad space on this site.  We will collect and publish these ads over the next few years to help capture the landscape and breadth of companies that exist in the app world ecosystem.  We hope that this page becomes a landmark page that will be referred to by the app industry for years to come and shows the evolution of companies in this industry.

What are your goals?

Our goal is to become the first “Million Dollar App Billboard”, an Internet billboard sponsored by notable members of the mobile app industry. It will become a permanent fixture for all to look back and see how this industry has evolved.

Can I just buy one pixel?

No.  Although it would probably be cool if individuals could buy a single pixel each, in practice, it wouldn’t so effective. The reason is because you can’t display anything meaningful in one pixel – nor click it easily – so visually, it would be pointless. With thousands of random tiny coloured dots all over the place it wouldn’t be legible.

The billboard is geared more to people with businesses/apps that want to advertise.  The minimum purchase is $100 – a 10×10 block.

However! If you really want to own a single pixel, there is always the option of partnering together with your friends/family/colleagues and buying a 10×10 block.

How many page views does this page get?

Our site gets millions of views per year and have thousands of registered app developers within a very active community.  This board has been featured on numerous blogs, news articles, and social media pages and serves as symbol of our evolving app industry.

How long will my ad stay on this billboard?

Forever.  Once you purchase an ad and it is approved it will remain as a permanent fixture.

Can I change my image after it has been approved?

Yes.  Once you purchase your pixels that real estate is yours to do as you wish as long as it continues to meet our terms.

How long will this billboard remain online?

Our goal is to have this billboard remain online forever.  We will guarantee 7 years, but rest assured we will do whatever it takes to keep the site online forever.  Since this site is actively being hosted on other users sites it is almost guaranteed to exist in some form for eternity.

What are the benefits of posting my ad on this billboard?

You will have an image and a link to your site on the homepage of a site that could potentially be seen by millions of people over the coming years. You’ll get a permanent “follow” link back improving you SEO with high PR related site linking back to your business. The site will be online forever. So you really could own a piece of ‘Internet history’ and may become a status symbol for years to come.  Read a complete list of additional benefits.

Can purchase ad real estate to promote a non-app related business?

No.  This billboard is strictly for app related businesses and industry.  We review each submission and if it does not meet our terms it will be rejected and your funds will be refunded.

Can I put a count of your pixel sales on my site/blog? 

Yes.  You can cut and paste the following code to display the billboard anywhere on your site:

<iframe src=”″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” width=”1000″ height=”1000″></iframe>

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