Most Popular iPhone Apps

| Blog | October 3, 2010

Most popular iphone apps

Currently the Apple App store is the best place to look into the iPhone apps. Today there are long list of apps available and many at free cost and some high quality paidapps.Herearethe top 30 picks among all apps that are available for iPhone:

1. Angry birds: This is occupying top position in the paid apps for a long period. The reason is quite tough to explain but apparently it’s rather addictive.

2. Plants Vs Zombies: It is a defense game from PopCap. A lot of special effects can be witnessed through plants that will shoot at zombies whenever they try to intrude into a home.

3. Fruit Ninza: A greatest visual feast to the eyes. Swipe to slice 3D fruit as it enters the mobile screen.

4. Archetype: You can witness best 3D shooters arena through this. Smooth multiplayer and easy for everyone to handle.

5. Rhythm Spirit: It is a rhythm-fighting game. The game derived with the back drop of Japanese folklore.

6. Ragdoll Blaster 2: It is a sequel to the Ragdoll Blaster 1. It is a creative physics game. Teasing levels and mind blowing puzzles are parts in it.

7. Canabalt: The popular flash game brought exclusively for iPhone.

8. Chaos Rings: This is one of the popular games listed in the price list above $10. Graphics from Square Enix made this game affordable though it is a costly one.

9. The Horrible Vikings: This is a trajectory game.

10. Trenches: This game enables the user to employ soldiers and wide varieties of guns to destroy the enemies.

11. God Finger: This is to create your own world where all your acquaintances healthy and working.

12. Parachute Ninja: Little interesting game.

13. Pocket Legends: An interesting game with outstanding interface for an ambitious endeavor.

14. Monkey Island: This is a classic series and sequel. You can expect puzzles, stories and humor from it.

15. Zenonia: This is a follow up for the famous hit action RPG Zenonia.

16. Foursquare: It is a geo-social app. It is a facility to check in locations and to broadcast location.

17. Groupon: This is a service app which offers marked down deals daily from restaurants to spas.

18. iMovie: Very best tool for on-the-go editing and more useful for the hi-def recording done on iPhone.

19. Siri Assistant: It is an app acts as a personal assistant. Directions, reminders can be easily availed through this.

20. Twitter: Contains the features that are needed to be Twitter community all the time.

21. Wolfram: It is knowledge searching tool. For example if you type your date of birth, then it offers the list of prominent people that were born on the same date. It is one of the costly apps.

22. iBook: It is a book reader since the iOS 4.0 is made available for iPhone.

23. Hulu Plus: This requires monthly fee, but will result as a worthy app for the paid content.

24. Gowalla: Similar to earlier Foursquare app.

25. Dragon Dictation: It is an app to convert voice into text on the iPhone.

26. Free App A Day: FAAD is a service and through this some of the paid app can be availed for free for a stipulated period.

27. JotNot Scanner Pro; It converts iPhone into a multi-page scneer.

28. Text’nDrive: This is a hands free solution for the people that are having a habbit to check email while driving.

29. Geodelic: This is fun way to find put things around you through this app “Around Me”.

30. Digg: This is an official app from Digg.


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