New iPhone App Ideas

| Blog | October 7, 2010

Already the current 50 winners list with Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge creating many waves and inspiring all the developers to look forward. In fact, the selection and winners topicsareindicatingtheclear path for the new apps for the current enthusiasts. There is nothing wrong with considering the current trends as location or GPS based social networking, mapping related ideas along with photos, and contextual games, but add up some new territory that can be more useful for the NGO sector, which is a current potential sector for these apps.

  • Some apps about public safety and weather emergency related alert system could be promising. We already knew that many of the technologies are used by the weather channels for this purpose like Safety Net, Em-Radar, Free Family Watch, Lready Emergency Manager and many others. Just get inspired though the current apps and technologies for this purpose.
  • Alert applications can be a hot topic keeping in mind the current scenario. This will be more helpful in humanitarian grounds and its relief efforts during havoc situation. This kind of apps will get immediate attention.
  • Have a look at eco2go and piggyback. These are the only applications helping to track and reduce the carbon footprint on the Earth. You can try something that serves as a social action.
  • Try to make an application that can use cell phone camera as scanner. Already this camera was used to read bar-coding, and then apply the similar approach in making it a scanner.
  • Mobile inventory is another area so far not much development took place.

The developing world is currently considering cell phone as the sole communication and connectivity device and now make it more valuable than it through your useful apps. Now, it is the chance for a developer to come up with new useful ideas in mobile apps.

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