Online Gaming To Be Worth $100 Billion In 2017

| Blog | March 16, 2013

Online Gaming To Be Worth $100 Billion In 2017

Because of the proliferation of smartphones, Gaming Club expects online mobile gaming to be worth at least $100 billion by 2017 with online gaming firms having a least $45 billion in net profit. In general, mobile gambling is touted to be the fastest growing industry in the gambling sector.
According to Juniper Research, the company commissioned to do the study, at least 62% of the UK population already has a smartphone and that online gambling revenue has increased by as much as 32% in 2011. In previous years, a person must have a laptop if he wants to play online casino games to bring along whenever he goes. But with the popularity of smartphones, it is now more comfortable and convenient to play online. One doesn’t have to go to a casino or use a laptop to try online gambling.

More and more gambling applications are being made available for mobile players for enhanced gaming experience. These applications are often downloadable for free and free credits are often awarded to new players after signing up to the online gaming site. Some websites are also optimized for smartphone users without the need to download any application. Common mobile casino games include Poker, Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette.

In the United States of America, most states are gearing towards regulation of online gaming. A federal bill on online poker wasn’t passed by Congress because it faced stiff opposition. Although President Obama isn’t objecting to online gaming, Stakeholders felt that the Reid-Kyl online poker bill only favors the state of Nevada. The states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada are also taking the necessary steps to legalize online gambling. Thus, the federal bill may not be needed anymore as more and more US states are taking interest on online gaming legalization.

In Europe, the Socialnomics research team found out that Germany and the United Kingdom are popular markets for online casino gaming. The study revealed that about 20% of the global online gaming traffic comes from both European countries. The popularity of smartphones paves the way for mobile gaming to flourish. In the United Kingdom, some 40% of residents already own a smartphone. In fact, 60% of online gamers in the country play mobile casino games every day. Germany, on the other hand, is also a hotspot for mobile casino gaming. In 3 years time, the mobile gaming market is expected to double in size.

Social gaming is also becoming increasingly popular because of Facebook. The study found out that at least 1 billion hours are spent playing Facebook games. At least 80 million individuals across the globe play online games every day. With at least 1 billion Facebook registered users, it has become a primary target for online games developers.

Because smartphones and social media are now being considered as necessities, it is not surprising to find out that more and more mobile gaming applications are being developed to cater to the continuously growing market of online gamblers. In fact, experts believe that the mobile gaming industry will be worth at least $118 billion in 3 years.


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