Places to Find iOS, Android, and Blackberry Developers

| Blog | March 2, 2012

Best Places to Find Mobile App Developers

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Software Developer


So, you’re looking for a mobile appdeveloper.Well,manyapp developers are also looking for you as a client, and there are numerous websites and forums where you can meet. –

One place you are sure to find developers is This is a large marketplace designed for app developers interested in buying, selling, or trading source code they’ve written. They also have an active job board that companies will post ads looking for talent. In addition to being able to contact actual developers of apps, it’s a great place to get information on how much other developers think their apps are worth. You can find stats on how many downloads, revenue, or activity a particular app in the appstore is receiving. One of our favorite sites :)

Cocos2D –

If you need an app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, a perfect site to use is Cocos2D, along with the job sub-forum in the forum section of that website ( Here, you can post offers of work to developers. This is a great site if you need a game developed, as developers here use the Cocos2D platform, and many make use of physics engines, such as Box2D and Chipmunk. For example, StickWars is created using Cocos2D and Angry Birds uses Box2D.

Game Salad –

The next option is Game Salad. Developers on this website develop apps for many different platforms, including iOS and Android. This site contains a section dedicated to the business of app development. Not only can you post job offers, you can also get ideas for marketing your app once it’s complete. Marketing is vital to getting your app noticed among the hundreds of thousands available.

CrackBerry –

If you’re specifically after BlackBerry developers, you can visit the CrackBerry forum. This lists a whole range of companies, which develop apps for the Blackberry and Blackberry Playbook, and allows you to contact them directly.

Get Apps Done –

Another option is to put your advertisement out there, and have the developers to come to you. For this visit Get Apps Done. Much like placing an ad in a Newspaper, you describe what you are after and generally describe the kind of app you would like creating.

iPhone App Quotes –

Alternatively, at iPhone App Quotes, you can describe your app and get a quote for its likely cost and development time. With this information you can visit the above sites with more knowledge on what you will need from your developer.

Now you know where to go, there are a few important things that you need to bring to the table to get your app going. Your app needs to sound interesting and worthwhile to the developer, especially if you are paying them on sales performance. Before presenting you ideas with developers, work out the following:

* Estimate the size of the app (perhaps compare it to similar apps already available).

* Determine what graphics, music or sound effects are necessary.

* Establish a deadline date for publishing the app.

* Determine your marketing strategy (get ideas from Chillingo –

* Decide whether you will pay an hourly rate, a fixed sum or offer a share of the sales.

* Organize your time and decide on how you are going to liaise with your developer.

All in all, developing a worthwhile app is a big undertaking, but do it right and the rewards can be tremendous.


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