Adding new assets to already packaged resources

| | August 4, 2015

I have written a small utility using Unity3d for video playback. Everything is great so far, distributable will work fine when all the videos are present during making a build. I am loading all the videos from “Resources/Videos” folder using Resources.Load function. I need to have feature where user can play any video from the hard drive using the player but i am not sure how i can add new videos in the build after the assets file has been created?

What changes I need to do for movie loading so that it works not only for videos in Resource/Videos folder but also from other locations which are not part of the build & are added later on.

I came across new feature in Unity 5 beta ( I have Unity Pro license ) called AssetBundles. From what I have understood is, it allows you to package extra content into a bundle & then store it somewhere on the web server ( maybe on local hard drive as well? ) & then load it from there dynamically. However, the bundle creation is still done by the app developer & then uploaded to the server.

However, in my situation, once an app is delivered, user should be able to load any video from his machine for the playback. How can you achieve this? I am using MovieTextures from Unity for the video playback.


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