Android app installed is double the size of the apk

| | August 7, 2015

I upgraded my Eclipse ADT tools to r20 (from r17 or so) and now the applications installed on the devices use twice the size of the apk. The app itself is running fine.

This happens for both the release and the debug versions, and whether I generate the apk with ant (and install thru usb) or launch the app from eclipse.

I tried with various target versions but it’s always the same thing.

For info
– I do not use “copy protection” nor licensing, this is direct install, not thru the play store.
– I use proguard to optimize/obfuscate my code. I uncompresed/analyzed my apk and everything seems normal (compared to previous apk that do not exhibit this issue).

Thanks in advance for any info on that.

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  1. Found out the issue.

    At the same time as the sdk update, the manifest had been updated, and the preferred storage option (external) had been deleted, So it was installed entirely on the phone memory. and the memory reported in the app manager was double the apk size.

    Now it is installed on the SD card, and it uses almost the apk size in system memory as before.

  2. Installed app’s size is always larger than apk. becoz apk is just a zipped file(copressed file) and installed app is unzipped(uncompressed).

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