Android client-server logic for a multi-player game

| | August 5, 2015

I’m creating an android “quiz” app. The game can be played by two user in real-time. I’m creating game on server with this design:

//node js server
//new game request api

var currentUser = req.user

var opponentUser = Lobby.findOpponent()

if(opponentUser == null) // send response he is in lobby
    //if he stays in lobby for 10 seconds
    //send a "leave lobby" request
else //send response he is matched with a user
    createGame(currentUser, opponentUser)

In my createGame function I’m sending the separate game data to the these two user, using Google Cloud Messaging.

 sessionId: '',
 questions: [],
 me: {},
 opponent: {}

1- Is this approach for creating game is good ? So far I don’t a have problem but I’m not experienced.

2- How should I check if a user disconnected (incoming call, losing internet etc..) from the game session? I really don’t know.

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