Apple app post approval contracts to select for free app

| | August 10, 2015

I just received approval of my first app on the app store, but it has past 24hrs and I still don’t see it in the App store. Going through the email, it says to check for contracts under which I have to select two type of contracts:

  1. All, Paid Applications, MY ADDRESS – Request contract button
  2. World, iAd App Network , My ADDRESS – Request contract button

Which states that:
Select the contract(s) you would like to view from the list and click Request. You can distribute your free apps without entering into the contracts below. Note: Only users with the Legal role can enter into contracts.

Now, as my App is free to download, I am assuming that I don’t have to request the first contract. But I have PayPal integrated and I will be charging customers for transaction on my app. So will that mean that I will be in legal role and have to request this contract?.

The second one I am not sure as I am using Ads in my app. Do I have to request it if I am using iAd’s in my App?

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