Are there any PS3 games whose source code is open source?

| | August 6, 2015

Random question, but are there any PlayStation 3 games whose source code is available to the public to view?

I have no experience developing computer games (my experience is in developing websites and web applications) but have always been interested in seeing what goes into a computer game.

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  1. Joe Valenzuela on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM

    Commercial PS3 games? No. But the unique and most interesting part of PS3 development involve the SPUs, and there’s public code/info available for the Cell and SPUs in particular.

    If you have a PS3 capable of it (“Fat” PS3, pre 3.21 OS version), GNU/Linux is a great environment to learn Cell programming.

  2. PS3 games are typically developed with a devkit that costs about $10,000 in C++ using propriatory Playstation APIs, where you optimize your game for its multicore processor. An experienced gamedev once commented that the PS3 is far harder to write for since its multicore pipeline is unusual and requires special efforts to optimize game code.

    Another method would be installing a Linux OS on your PS3 and then developing your program for that breed of Unix, either in C++ or any other supported platform. This is quite cheap since you can manage this on any ordinary PS3. (no expensive dev kit needed)

    Developing for the Xbox 360 on the other hand is free for students, I recommend you start with XNA for Xbox 360 since there are many open source games and game engines to help you out.

  3. No, but there is little difference between a PS3 game and a game for any other platform. The only thing that defines it as a PS3 game is the use of the PS3 APIs for graphics, IO, etc, all of which would have to be removed since they are under heavy NDA. If you want to look at game code, maybe check out Doom or Quake (both are GPL now).

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