Box 2d Level Editor for AndEngine

| | August 6, 2015

I am getting started with Box2d in AndEngine.
I need to know if there is any level editor to be used with box2d and gives output capatable with AndEngine.

Is there any tool which can help me building complex body with joints like a bike or car?

What do you suggest which is the best way to do this kind of stuff.

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  1. Estebon Ham On on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM

    I am working on my own level editor Fire Ant Box2d Level editor, is free, please feel free to try it out, it exports your work to ios code as well as xml so you only write a small xml processing routine and you should be able to use it in andengine. It also generates optimized texture tiles out of the box.

    Any comment and feedback will be very apreciate.

  2. I’ve been using Level Director which was designed for the Corona SDK (which uses Box2d) but it now allows you to export the data using a template. The possibilities are now endless and I love it.

  3. Here I provide a link for physics editor that I use regularly and very much easy for use. This editor creates xml file that you can use directly with andengine level parsing easily.

    Also for level creating purpose you can use Macromedia Flash, that editor directly return x and y position using scripting. So user have to directly parse that information.

  4. I think the RUBE editor might be what you’re looking for. It does however export the box2d bodies in a JSON format, so you’ll probably need to figure out yourself how to load these. It is very well documented tough.

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