Cataloging web/db/app servers in an organisation – Excel/Wiki/?

| | August 7, 2015

I’ve inherited “ownership” of various servers (the hardware itself and server software that runs on in – lots of Apache/Oracle/MySQL) with a wide variety of configurations. I’m a developer – I’ve been thrown into a Team Leader/Systems Support role for some very unfortunate reasons.

Do any of you guys in the SysAdmin world have any tricks/templates? So far, I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet with columns

----  --   ----  ---     ---
db1   x.x  1521  Oracle  Joe

Not rocket science, and what I’ve got will do the job once it’s complete, but once it’s got everything in there it’s going to be pretty busy. There are probably ~ 30 hosts, but anywhere between 1-20 server apps on each machine.

My question essentially is “how do you guys do it”? Is there a magic Excel template I should adapt? Do you just use a Wiki and keep it udpated? Is this SysAdmin 101?

New to this.

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