Convert .s file to .midi or any sound file

| | August 6, 2015

I have a .s file from a game, I think it contains Music . I know this sounds weird but here are snippets :

(I opened it with Visual Studio and it sais it is a ‘Assembler Source’)

.equ    My_File_grp, voicegroup000
    .equ    My_File_pri, 0
    .equ    My_File_rev, 0
    .equ    My_File_mvl, 100
    .equ    My_File_key, 0
    .equ    My_File_tbs, 1
    .equ    My_File_exg, 0
    .equ    My_File_cmp, 1

The rest is only stuff like this:

@ 001   ----------------------------------------
    .byte       VOICE , 52
    .byte       N36   , An3 
    .byte   W36
    .byte       VOICE , 58
    .byte       N48   , An3 
    .byte   W48
    .byte       VOICE , 54
    .byte       N12   , Fs3 
    .byte   W12

I need to listen to this but I really don’t understand what these lines of code mean, please help! I want to convert this file to a file I can listen to.

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