Correct site to host software?

| | August 4, 2015

Hello to everyone!

Let’s put in situation: I’m developing an application (i.e: a Java program that prints “Hello world” in a window) and I want to share this application: people should be able to download it and use it, for free and for fun.

The problem is that I dont want to upload -at least yet- the source code, only the “executable” (a .jar in this case), and related files like user manuals, tutorials, even data files (the program will open a specific URL, downloading this files).

At the same time, the software must be accessible not only for developers, but for “normal people” too.

The question is: what is the best/proper option to do this? I did a bit of research, and my conclusions at this point are the follow:

  • Create a custom webpage: the most common option. The problem is that this needs a lot of time and resources (html code, server configuration). Pages like Blogger could be an option, but these pages are limited in many ways.
  • Direct download pages: as the old -and dead- Rapidshare. Easy to use and spread, but fails in terms of license and property. Besides, pages like these usually gives a “insecure feeling” to the users (“less glamorous” sites)
  • Open Source Hosting: SourceForge, GitHub, BitBucket… they are very useful and professional pages, but hard to handle for normal people (typical reaction: “where is the download button???“). Besides that, I feel a bit dirty using these pages for this purpose (share just the “final program”, and not the source code).

So, there are more options that I missed? Or this is pretty much all the possibilities? Should not I feel dirty using GitHub for software hosting?

Hope I explained correctly!

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