Disclaimer for API code sample distributed to third party

| | August 7, 2015

I am going to offer an API description and code samples to 3rd parties so they can integrate their software with the one developed by the company i’m working for.

I think I should include some kind of disclaimer in source code files headers and some kind of license terms.

We want to allow them to modify the code but not to redistribute it without our agreement. And we want to discharge responsibility for any consequences of using the provided code.

What do you suggest?

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  1. Consult your product marketing department. Or a lawyer to discuss your concerns.

    As the problem is described, I would first think about a non-disclosure agreement. But YMMV.

  2. I suggest hiring a lawyer. It shouldn’t cost much for a simple license, and it’d be well worth the cost to have your legal bases covered.

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