GNU Affero selling

| | August 5, 2015

I plan to run a crowdfunding site by modifying software provided under GNU Affero GPL 3.0 license and have few questions:

  1. Am I required to release a source code to someone who uses my crowd-funding platform (campaigners/backers)?
  2. If I decide to sell my company (including the platform) am I (or the new owner) required to release its (previously modified by me) source code to the public?

Many thanks for your help.

One Response to “GNU Affero selling”

  1. In general, yes and yes.

    The purpose behind AGPL is to enable users of a website/hosted software to have access to its source code. Since you’re using and modifying software that is licensed with AGPL, you have to provide the source code to your users. You don’t really have to provide it to the public, just anyone who uses your site, but they can then provide it to the public.

    A description of various licenses can be found at the Free Software Foundation’s website here.

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