How can I clearify users my controlls?

| | August 4, 2015

In my game I use a really simple control mechanic to control a character on screen. But my problem is that users do not understand this control.

Beside a little delay problem they work this way:

As soon as I do a swipe +x or -x my character moves left or right.
And as long as I hold my finger it continuous to move to the direction
in that I swiped. When I swipe into the opposite direction of my last
swipe without leaving my finger from the touch ground, my character
should move into this direction. When I release my finger from the
touch screen, my character should stops instantly.

a) Do you think this mechanic could work, if my users learn to use it?

If yes: what would be the best way to show them how it works? A short video? Or some graphics? Maybe a tutorial level?

My concern is that it might be not a good mechanic, because people do not understand it when playing my prototype the first time. That could be because they only know swipe and tap, but not swipe-hold-swipe.

I do not know if there is a right answer or if it is just a question of opinions.

One Response to “How can I clearify users my controlls?”

  1. Whenever a game introduces a relatively new or relatively unique control scheme, some users are definitely going to be confused. The easiest way to retain these users is by introducing and allowing them to test out the scheme in some sort of tutorial level, which may even just be a set of controllable graphics. So I’m going to say Yes on the tutorial level.

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