How can I make iPhone apps (games) on Windows?

| | August 4, 2015

I want to start making iPhone games, but sadly I’m a Windows geek.. Is there a way to make good profesional iPhone games without Xcode/owning a Mac computer?

If not, what do you recommend, a Mac Mini?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Another alternative to buying a mac, is to look into programming using the marmalade frame work. Its one of those cross platform kind of packages where you can deploy on a bunch of platforms. I believe you can even use Cocos2dx ontop of it.

  2. I’ve been programing on a mac mini for about a year now and it’s been great. They are quite honestly the most powerful mac for the buck. I bought an i3 w/ 2G of ram and installed 8G later on for $40USD. Its much better programming iOS apps on a Mac than any other computer.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to answer them for you

  3. I friend of mine just released his game with MonoTouch ( You just need to create your game in C#, then this software can compile the source to iOS and Android. (And of course, because of the C#, you can also release it on Windows Phone.) Really good stuff.

  4. There are a few options available to you:

    • Buy a Mac: This is the most full-proof, but probably the most expensive. If you can figure out what exactly you need (eg. Lion vs. Leopard), you can probably save some of the cost by buying something that’s not latest-and-greatest, but “good enough” for development.
    • Run a Mac VM: This is usually illegal (depending on where you live), plus none of the virtualization tools on Windows support running Mac VMs. I suggest you avoid this route completely.
    • Find a Mac: If you are studying at a university, chances are that they will have a lab with a Mac. This may be a viable, albeit short-term, option.
    • Cloud Mac services: There are some services like MacinCloud (which I have never used) which offer a service similar to Amazon EC2, but for Macs. It’s probably expensive, and may be worthwhile if you can build and test your app on Windows in entirety, but only need a Mac for the final steps of publishing or building iOS builds.

    Again, buying a Mac is probably the “best” all around option, albeit the heftiest. Depending on your needs, a cloud mac service may be viable too.

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