How can I set up a loading screen in Panda3D?

| | August 10, 2015

How would I go about using Double Buffering (to create a loading screen) in Panda3D using C++? I’ve searched Google and found some forums that talk about the concept of swapping buffers, but I haven’t seen any that show any type of source code (specifically Panda3D/C++). I’d like to try and stay away from using pure OpenGL code and work it through Panda3D, but if I have no other choice, then I’ll have to go with OpenGL coding.

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  1. You just need to have an image on top of everything, so you won’t see new things popping up one after another.

    The default Panda3d nodes for GUI/HUD are render2d, aspect2d and pixel2d. Attach an image NodePath to one of them.

    Manual explains each in detail.

  2. Usually 3D engines like Panda3D handle trivial details like double buffering for you automatically. You only have to start tweaking the back-buffer settings if you want things like triple-buffering.

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