How many leaderboards can I have in Android via Google Play?

| | August 18, 2015

Question is simple. I have one game with multiple levels(say around 90) distributed amongts different amongst different worlds.
Am I reading this right and it means I can only have 70 individual leaderboards or is there an alternative (grouping levels/worlds, api, etc)?

Just to be clear, additional information is:

I want to implement level based score, that is one leaderboard for each level (so players can see their score on a level by level basis), one leaderboard for each world, and one leaderboard for the whole game.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. According to the official information about the leaderboard feature of the play-store, you can have up to a maximum of 70 leaderboards per application.

    Games can have multiple leaderboards, up to a maximum of 70. For
    example, a multi-level game might provide a different leaderboard for
    each level, and a racing game might have a separate leaderboard for
    each track.

    When this isn’t enough for your case, you will have to develop and host your own leaderboard system on your own server.

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