How to setKeyEquivalent to Enter/Return key on NSButton?

| | August 5, 2015

I’ve tried [myButton setKeyEquivalent:@”n”] but that didn’t work. I feel like there should be some predefined constant for it that I’m just missing.


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  1. Example for Swift 2.0:

    let key = String(utf16CodeUnits: [unichar(NSEnterCharacter)], count: 1) as String
    item.keyEquivalent = key
    item.keyEquivalentModifierMask = Int(NSEventModifierFlags.CommandKeyMask.rawValue | NSEventModifierFlags.ControlKeyMask.rawValue)
  2. Beware that “as is”, this will require to type Command + Return (which I think is Enter). To have this work without Command I had to add [myButton setKeyEquivalentModifierMask:0];.

  3. Try using “r” instead of “n” in this case.

    I believe [myButton setKeyEquivalent:@”r”] should do what you are looking for.

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