How to Use ffmpeg codes in iPHone

| | August 5, 2015

I need to convert the video into png images. I did that using ffmepg. But I need to do that quickly. Now it’s taking lots of time to convert a video into images. Now to reduce the conversion time. I search lot But I got “ffmpeg -i video.mpg image%d.jpg” these codings as solution. Please teach me to use these kind of codings.

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  1. Rhythmic Fistman on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM
    1. shoot and save the video with AVCaptureSession + AVCaptureMovieFileOutput
    2. use AVAssetReader to extract the individual frames from the video as BGRA CVImageBufferRefs
    3. save as PNG: CVImageBufferRef -> UIImage -> UIImagePNGRepresentation

    This should be faster than ffmpeg because step 2 is hardware accelerated and also has the benefit of allowing you to discard a cumbersome LPGLed 3rd party library.


  2. Narayanan Ramamoorthy on November 30, -0001 @ 12:00 AM

    with ffmpeg you can split video frame by frame and can mix audio with video and also check this

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