How to zoom to route loaded from cache – Skobbler Maps

| | August 18, 2015

I was looking through the API, but I didn’t noticed any delegate method that would be


So, because of that, I have zooming method right after I load route from cache

    [_mapViewHolder addSubview:[SKRoutingService sharedInstance].mapView];
    [[SKRoutingService sharedInstance] clearCurrentRoutes];
    [[SKRoutingService sharedInstance] loadRouteFromCache:[Constants shared].routeID];
    [[SKRoutingService sharedInstance].mapView clearAllAnnotations];
    [self createMapPins];

    [[SKRoutingService sharedInstance] zoomToRouteWithInsets:UIEdgeInsetsZero];
    [[SKRoutingService sharedInstance] zoomToRouteWithInsets:UIEdgeInsetsZero];

But even with calling zoomToRouteWithInsets twice, i still dong get to see an entire route as supposed.

Is there any other method which I should call in order to achieve zooming to route loaded from cache ?

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