jQuery license choice

| | August 7, 2015

“jQuery is currently available for use in all personal or commercial projects under both MIT and GPL licenses“. A software developer wants to modify few lines of the code and include as a part of a commercial project. What license (MIT or GPL) is most appropriate from open source community point of view to be accepted by the developer?

Not looking for a legal advice, but related to the subject differences in the licenses. jQuery is selected as an example.

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  1. This is a no-brainer. For a commercial product, MIT is preferred since it’s the more permissive license. It still allows you to submit your code changes back to the community but the GPL would require you to.

    But, if all you’re changing is the jQuery JS file(s), I don’t think that matters. Under the GPL, you would have to license those changes under the GPL but probably not your whole application (these are my thoughts, they may be wrong – I’ve been known to be wrong before, just ask my wife).

    Still, I’d go for MIT just to protect myself.

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