Move a window to another workspace

| | August 5, 2015

This is what I am doing progamatically:

User is currently focused in worksapce 2 because from the main workspace they clicked “fullscreen” green button. 10 seconds later, while they user is in workspace 2, programmatically from my app in main workspace this happens:

Main workspace:
1) Open new window
2) Full screen it
3) activateIgnoringOtherApps so it brings my app to top

Step 3. This causes animation and change from the Workspace 2 to main workspace.

I was thinking after step 1 i should move the window i am opening (after 10sec countodwn) to “Workspace 2″ I was thinking of using this code here: How can I programatically move one window to another space? I am hoping this will not make it change workspace.

My goal is to support 10.6+, will the code in linked topic do the trick so that my window is moved to current workspace, and doing activateIgnoringOtherApps will not cause scroll all the way to left.


To see exactly what I mean by scrolling workspace you can install my firefox addon:

Then please Shift + Click two times my addon button the gets added to toolbar, then make fullscreen any other app other then firefox. As 10 sec countdown is finished you will see the scroll to newly opened window (which is an image editor on a screenshot)

Here is a youtube screencast showing the issue:

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