Mozilla Public License 2.0

| | August 4, 2015

I would like use iText# dll in my commercial project. This library use Mozilla 2.0 license.
I have some question with it. I read license at ( website, but I’m not good in law aspects. There are my question:

1) Can I use compiled DLL in my project, without share of my source code? Does it deppend on change in iText# sourcecode?
2) I have to give information in my software that I use iText#.

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  1. The license requires you to share your source code ONLY when your work is derivative.

    Therefore if you are using a non-modified binary form you don’t need to publish your own source code. Now, since you are redistributing the product, you you still must inform that you are using the product, under what license (the same, or newer version) and where to find the source code.

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