Multiplayer game communication framework for mac/ios

| | August 6, 2015

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I am creating a multiplayer 2D game for Mac and iOS devices. I’ll be using cocso2d for graphics/game engine, however I am largely blank on what to use for multiplayer communication. Please note that I cannot use central severs e.g. SmartFox, RedDwarf, etc since I want the players to “host” games for others and be able to play it on their LAN, VPN or my own servers.

Any pointers? I checked lidgren but it’s for .NET only and hence not an option for me.

EDIT: just in case it wasn’t clear, the messaging has to be real time hence it’s probably going to be over UDP

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  1. You can also use check out AppWarp for building multiplayer games using MonoTouch/MonoDroid. It has a server but doesn’t require you to host or deploy. Its on the cloud. Here is a pointer to a blog post describing how to get started on it.

  2. I’ve used ReplicaNet with three different iOS devices connected to the same game. You need to know how to have bindings to C++ but the source compiled without needing many changes for what I wanted. It seems to be the best performing library for mobile devices out there at the moment. It is also well worth talking to the ReplicaNet guys about an indie license if you’re short of cash.

  3. You don’t want to be hosting any games from an iOS device, so you are probably looking for something to run on OSX.

    I’m not sure how lidgren works or if it is Mono compatible, but the Mono project has done an excellent job of bringing .NET to OSX and Linux. I highly recommend you look into it, especially if your library of choice is .NET.

    The server architecture and platform don’t dictate what the client must use, so having a Mono/.NET lidgren server and an iOS (Objective-C) client should be just fine; however, there is MonoTouch which brings .NET and C# to iOS, so you could use that if you felt like it.

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