Multiplayer game sdk for ios and android

| | August 18, 2015

I am working on a multiplayer game supporting Android and IOS.

For IOS Game-Center seems promising. But its IOS only.

OpenFeint could be a option, but now GREE has stopped supporting it.

Is there any other multi-platform SDK which I can use for both IOS and Android?


I could not find any good service which provides their own server and SDK for both IOS and android. So finally I chose to go with my own server on AWS-EC2 + python tornado + Websocket. If anyone want to know more plz contact…

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  1. Multiplayer SDK? you don’t need an SDK.

    Multiplayer works over network, all you need to run a multiplayer game is a discovery service to allow players to start playing together.

    • This can be setup on a LAN using a zeroconf protocol
    • Over the web by using a small web service.

    Once the players are interconnected you start sending your data across nodes.

  2. Well you could look into open feint’s competitors such as scoreloop, AGON, plus+, etc. Theres many different options available online, some doing more than others. Perhaps you could elaborate on what you want so I or someone else could make a suggestion.

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