MVC with Angular

| | August 4, 2015

I am a bit confused.

As a contractor I look out for what technologies I should learn to make me more marketable.

I am a MVC Web Developer.

I have noticed Angular.js seems to be listed as a wanted skill in job adverts alongside MVC skills.

Looking at Angular it does not seem difficult to learn.

However, there does seem to be a clash with Angular’s Ajax calls and MVC’s web api.

So, can these 2 technologies co-exist in the same web app? Is the best way is to drop Razor and Angular’s AJAX calls and use the Web API?

I have been searching on this for some time and still cannot get a definitive answer..


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  1. Think of an Angular app as disconnected from your backend as an Android or iOS app would be. If you’re doing it right your entire Angular app is static, with no server side templating (a nice side effect of this is that your Angular app can be pushed to a CDN). If you have a traditional server side templating background it can be very tempting to do “double templating” (server side and client side templating) in your Angular app. Don’t do it. Your web server exposes an web services and that’s it. Your Angular app uses those web services.

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