Need help picking a linux framework that isn't LAMP :p

| | August 6, 2015

Ok, so I am a lifelong Microsoft developer.
I was just gifted a nice CentOS 6.3 clean linux machine with some beastly stats.
I want to try something new for once. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) seems very boring and I have done it time and time again for cheap clients who just want wordpress.

So here is my question to the Unix Web Development community.
What is hot and worth learning right now?
I know rails has been around for a while but I still get job offers for RoR jobs so it doesn’t seem to be going away. Should I go with the Java powerhouse. Or maybe this new Node.js everyone is raving about. I even heard people are using phython again with Django.

I am just going to build a web app with what ever I end up choosing. I haven’t even decided what yet.

But please let me know your thought and what makes your thoughts awesome.

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  1. I bought a Mac a year or so ago in order to do some exploration and found Ruby and RoR very interesting but ended up settling into Node.js and Express. There is nothing wrong per-se with Ruby or RoR but I got the impression that their “hotness era” has passed even though Ruby is a phenomenal language and Rails a great framework for traditional web applications.

    If found Node.js and Express (and CoffeeScript) a more vibrant toolset and community. The toolset is not as mature as what you find with Rails but since it is in its early stages (compared to Java or Ruby) there is a lot of excitement around it.

    What I found most interesting about Ruby and Node.js was the nature of the dynamic language and how that leads to a different programming experience (contrasted with Java or C#.) I had been many years since I worked in something that was not strongly and statically typed like C#.

    Since you, like me, come from a Windows background be prepared to be shocked by the lack of a “Visual Studio” like developer experience. There are tools and options but it is a different world out there :)

    I blogged about my experiences here and here

  2. I am lifelong Unix addicted.

    I would go with simple and elegant web2py as it has a clean MVC design and has the minimal overhead in terms of frameworks and technologies.

    The second choice would be Spring MVC and ICEFaces but those imply some administrative overhead on your server.

    Both solutions can be run on windows as well.

  3. Use Rails, it is very quick to get a website up and running with Rails, and you can easily pick it up as you go along. I have done PHP and Rails, and I have to say it is much faster to get things done with Rails.

    Many frameworks can also have plugins, but the gem system to add extensions and plugins for Ruby is very easy to use.

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