Reading Google App Engine's datastore to a native app

| | August 8, 2015

Does anyone know if it is possible to read from a Datastore on the app engine to a native app?

I am working my way through making a simple notes app that I can store online and use on my phone and tablet. I would prefer the phone interface be more than just a WebView instance or only used from the browser. I would also like a tablet optimized version as well.

I am comfortable programming android, and I am comfortable with web apps as well, so this is the last important piece before I can start putting it all together.

Has anyone done this before? Or, if it isn’t possible, can someone send a link so I can further explore and find out what?


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  1. You can interface directly with the datastore using remote_api, but this is designed as an administrative interface, and shouldn’t be used for access by end-users. The standard approach for what you’re doing – on any webapp, regardless of platform – is to define an API that your application exposes for access to the data, and consume that API from your native app. If you’re using Python, you may want to check out ProtoRPC (now included in the SDK) as an easy way to define APIs.

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