Submitting to the App Store Using Xcode

| | August 18, 2015

So! Thought this would be easy trying to use TestFlighApp inside itunesconnect but this is what stops me:

this bundle is invalid. the key uirequireddevicecapabilities contains value

How I got this message is: Product > Archive > Success! > Submit to App Store… > Select My Team > Submit > Uploading Archive ( Verifying assets with the iTunes store BAM! Message

Things I’ve Tried

  1. Verified my Project: since this Xcode project was created around 2011, I noticed I had to validate settings by clicking Editor > Validate Settings… didn’t fix my problem. actually created more ;) but all fixed
  2. Added the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities in Info.plist: I have only arm64 afer removing armv7, armv7s

Let me know if anything else is needed to help help me, I’ll edit :)

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