Tool to measure the complexity/cost of a software?

| | August 4, 2015

I have written a complex software in Java for a niche market, for corporate companies.
I have a first prospect very interested by the product as it perfectly matches their requirements.
This prospect was initially planning to build such software in-house from scratch (via offshore companies) and they would like to buy the Java source code of my software.

I already have an idea of the budget they planned to spend in case they built it themselves (+- 700K for the overall project, including analysis, development, test, project management etc).

I am in the process of building a commercial proposal for selling that source code (non-exclusive license). In addition to the usual functional & technical description of the software, explaining how good is my software etc… I was wondering:

=> Isn’t there some (Eclipse?) tool/plugin that could analyze the source code and provide some clear metrics regarding the development cost/complexity of that software?

Something a bit like Function Point Analysis, except that here, the software is already built (so the starting point of that analysis would be the software itself).

This could give some additional tangible facts towards the management/procurement teams of that prospect (who could then in turn ask their offshore partner how much they would charge if they had to build from scratch a similar software with the same level of complexity)

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  1. Eclipse Metric Plugin for metrics or CodeCover for code coverage (which you didn’t explicitly mention, but I believe is important!) are some of my favorites

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